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The PSOW Board is EXCITED TO Announce the return of the PSOW Conference for 2022.


We are very excited to finally be able to say “Welcome Back”! We cannot have imagined that “see you later” would have meant returning two years later with stories of surviving a global pandemic. However, we made it! Even though it was difficult at times, we can now attempt to return to making plans with groups of people. This makes us very excited to announce that we will be returning to Green Bay for the 33rd Annual Paramedic Systems of Wisconsin Conference!

The changes that have occurred in the past few years may be big or small within your department, but we can all agree that each department has had them. Let’s return together to a place that brought positive outcomes, where we can reconnect with past colleagues, as well as new ones, and take the opportunity to rethink how we can move forward within each field we work in.

These are some of the comments we received years prior when feedback about the conference was provided. One attendee said, “…the people in attendance were there for a positive reason or for a mission…”. Another attendee stated the conference “…helps us to see theories from different regions.” Another feedback comment was to “…have State EMS available to us..”

Receiving these comments from previous attendees that have attended since the beginning or from others attending their first time have humbled us as your hosts and we can’t wait to see what YOU will be able to bring us this year.  You can come for the education, time away from the workplace, or to see the latest from our vendors, but we promise you won’t leave without finding a new way to grow.

We can’t wait to finally see you!

Dan Gatz & Katie Halbach